Monday Signal: Twitter Closes A Loop

It’s been a few days since my last Signal, save the one we did at P&G last week. It’s work putting on a good show, and we’ve got another barnburner coming ina week in San Francisco. So Signal will be intermittent for a spell, but when it does come out, it comes out packing. Of particular interest is Twitter’s new deal with Amex. To the links:

Why Social is Big Deal for Publishers (DD) Well, yes it’s a big deal, but no, brands aren’t excluded from doing what publishers do.

Why Influencer Marketing Isn’t About the ‘Influencers’ (AdAge) It’s not just about who has the highest Klout score. Thank God.

How do blogs need to evolve? (Branch) This conversation amongst early blog users on a beta service called Branch is interesting in several, meta ways.

Facebook’s Interest Lists will make advertisers extremely happy. Users? Not so much (TNW) We’ll see. Facebook has repeatedly pushed out services that let their users curate a consumption habit, and so far, they’ve not gained much adoption.

Twitter Revenue Chief Talks AmEx Partnership, Brand Creativity, And “Buying From Tweets” (FC) This is a big new idea for Twitter, closing the loop with purchase and integrating its core ad products with commerce.

Re-imagining classic ads for the modern web (Google) Very cool.

Introducing The Curator’s Code: A Standard for Honoring Attribution of Discovery Across the Web (Brain Pickings) Not sure if this will take off (seems a bit wonky) but I like the intent.

Study: Pinterest Now Drives More Referral Traffic Than Twitter (SF) This got a lot of buzz late last week. I await Twitter’s response, if it has one. Oh, and the study says Google+ is driving very little traffic.

Advertising: Banners set to become ‘smart and sexier’ (FT) Yes, and it’s about time, no?

Advertisers Say What We’re All Thinking: Social-Media Spending Is Going to Explode | Digital  (AdAge) Dog bites man, but good powerpoint fodder.

Has Hashtag Marketing Arrived? (DD) More coverage of the Amex/Twitter deal.

Twitter Plans Adding E-Commerce to Brand Pages (AdAge) And yet more.

Pew Report: 65% View Personalized Search As Bad; 73% See It As Privacy Invasion (SEL) Very interesting data, but I think people will always tend to say they don’t like something that sounds like it’s invading your privacy. I wonder if, in practice, this will lead to anything.

Younger Shoppers Using Technology, Not Salespeople (NYT) Not just younger ones, ahem.

Carriers Whine: We Wuz Robbed! (Monday Note) Good breakdown of how carriers manuipulate the press to get their own agenda aired.

This Article Generating Thousands Of Dollars In Ad Revenue Simply By Mentioning New iPad (Onion) It’s an easy joke, but it’s a true one.


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