Monday Signal: Tracks in the Spring Snow

(image) I’m tired of the word “track,” because it presumes we’re being hunted, instead of pursued – which is a more accurate version of what’s going on here – marketers are hoping to woo us with their messaging, not shoot us like prey. Anyway, it’s still the meme of the moment, and who am I to deny it? To the trackable links:

I’m Being Followed: How Google—and 104 Other Companies—Are Tracking Me on the Web (The Atlantic) An inevitable breakdown of all that is tracking today.

Privacy and Civil Liberties in the Digital Age (Wired) Sen. Al Franken is tracking all this tracking business.

An information paradox: How Google’s new privacy policy may harm our discovery process (TNW) I wrote about just this problem years ago, how we are now becoming the editor of our own searches, and personalization is destroying community.

Twitter, the Startup That Wouldn’t Die (BW) A well done profile of a company in process.

I killed the Internet (TNL) Musings on the very issues I’ve been all about over past year.

‘Game Change’ on HBO, With Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin (NYT) So proud of my pal John Heilemann who co-wrote this book.

Google Drive And The Cloud Wars (TC) Founder of Dropbox explains why he ain’t afraid of the big bad Google/Apple.

Liars and Outliers: The Big Idea (Bruce Schneier) A new author on the book he’s written about trust and security. Big issues for all of us.

Signal P&G Bringing Touch of Silicon Valley To Cincinnati (PG) Proud to say that’s my company doing a marketing conference at P&G with its senior management.

Edging toward the fully licensed world (Doc) In which Doc points out that we’ve already lost much of what we once thought was ours. And quotes me in the process….

Amazon Has Big Plans In Advertising, But Agency Trading Desks Stand in the Way (AdAge) As I’ve said a few times now, watch Amazon in the ad space. Carefully.

MUST WATCH: Guardian TV ad kicks off ‘open journalism’ campaign  (Guardian) I agree. A must watch.

Highlight, the people discovery app that could change the world (Cnet) The most hyped unused app I’ve seen since the last SXSW.

Twitter and Facebook share a problem: Proving social ads work (GigaOm) I don’t think it will take long to prove that something’s happening here.


FM’s program of the day is our first ever Signal conference in San Francisco. Already have most of our speakers confirmed, and we’re nearly sold out…

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