Monday Signal: The Moral Corporation?

One of the more tantalizing conundrums our society faces is the concept of the corporation as a “person,” with the rights of a person – rights like privacy, freedom of speech, and the like. The very words “incorporate” and  “corporate” mean to “embody” or “make flesh” – after all, corporations are people, in the end, right?  So if corporations are people, at least in some legal sense, then should they be moral as well? Brands are increasingly embracing “cause marketing,” as well as what many consider “greenwashing” and other less than meritorious practices. So…what is a “moral” company? Google certainly comes to mind, with its informal “don’t be evil” mantra. But a story I read over the weekend raised the question for me, so in the spirit of weekend pondering, I pass it along to you as well…to the links:

Corporations And The Arab Net Crackdown (FPIF) This is a bit far afield, but you know, we need to think a bit about how amoral some of our corporate colleagues are. And whether we’re OK with that. Should we expect more of our brands? See also the WSJ today.

Free Your Pockets (Think) A primer on NFC, from Google’s new quarterly magazine. Now, ain’t that interesting, that Google feels the need to do a think piece on the impact of NFC, given it has a lead over Apple in the space…

Media Ads Joins the New Ad Formats Family (Google) I guess little blue lines of text ain’t enough these days!

Who Says What to Whom on Twitter (Yahoo) The power law lives, and rules, on Twitter.

Bing Steps Up Facebook, Twitter Integration (RWW) Microsoft, by allying closely with Facebook, is putting pressure on Google, which is wary of Facebook’s data edge.

Ernest Hemingway, Yelper (McSweeny’s) The first time I’ve ever linked to McSweeny’s. Worthy parody of how Hemingway might have written Yelp reviews. “I fell asleep between the couch cushions and when I woke up the next day the paper bag was still there on the floor.”

The Freight Train That Is Android (Gurley) “John Doerr, once said “The Internet is the greatest legal creation of wealth in history.” Android may be the opposite of that, the greatest legal destruction of wealth in history.”

10 Bands Shaping The Post-Nirvana Era (HP) Just fun to read. I like most of these bands a lot.

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