Monday Signal: The Links!

Due to the length of my other Monday post on Publishing, I’m posting my linkage as a separate piece.

Apple Poised To Unveil ‘iAd,’ New Mobile Ad Platform Is Jobs’ ‘Next Big Thing’ (MediaPost) Well we knew this was coming. But there’s no detail here.

Facebook May Share User Data With External Sites Automatically (RWW) Facebook is getting ready for the inevitable explosion of new uses of its firehose data. Pay attention to this, it’s in your interest – business and personal – to know what’s going on here.  Also read Facebook Proposes Broad Updates To Governing Docs — Our Analysis (Inside Facebook).

For the media biz, iPad 2010 = CDROM 1994 (Scott Rosenberg) YES! “The Web triumphed over CD-ROM for a slew of reasons, not least its openness. But the central lesson of this most central media transition of our era, one whose implications we’re still digesting, is this: People like to interact with one another more than they like to engage with static information.”

Does Rest Of World Matter More Than The US? (AVC) Noting this because it supports my very first prediction for 2010: “2010 will mark the beginning of the end of US dominance of the web.”

Not Creating Content. Just Protecting It. (NYT) The Times comes to the conclusion we’ve all reached: “Running a media company requires a set of values that selling a can of soda or a pair of sneakers doesn’t. So Google, which held itself to a higher standard last week, can expect to get hammered any time it falls short in the future. Google may or may not be a media company, but people will expect it to act like one.”

SmashBurger Builds Social Media Into the Burger (Open Forum) Case studies are always fun.