Monday Signal: The Grand Dialog Continues

Perhaps it’s my work on the book, but I’ve noticed a shift in the dialog lately, to larger issues of what kind of a society we want to live in. If you are a leader in the Internet industry, you’re in the business of debating that issue. And the links are rife with wrinkles. To them:

Which Way Privacy? (Slate) I think this is a very important topic that is misunderstood, in the main. This piece gives an overview of how the Supreme Court is thinking through a particular case involving the government’s use of GPS tracking on suspects using an expired warrant.

Are We A Democracy? (NYT) Apparently, we are a “multarchy” and I have to agree. Though recently I’m starting to think we’re more democratic-capitalistic oligarchy than anything else.

Jeff Bezos Owns the Web in More Ways Than You Think (Wired) Oh please stop this bullsh*t. No one should own the web. I am tired of this metaphor and hope you all will be too. Because if Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google “own the web,” well, we are well and truly f*cked.

JAW DROPPING Space Station time lapse! (Discover) Worth the time most certainly, as we ponder our role in the world.

Click an Ad Online, Get a Coupon on Your Credit Card (WSJ) Cool idea, but too complicated I am afraid.

Search Engine Land Gets Sister Site: Marketing Land Arrives Next Month (SEL) Nice to see Danny branching out, a natural extension.

Storify Makes Its Move: A Social Web News Site Starring You (RWW) I’ve just starting checking this company out. Seems an up and comer.


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