Monday Signal: Summer’s Golden Promise

Today I saw the golden shoulder of summer peering around the corner of an April rain shower, and it gave me pause – this industry is fine, and it’s important. But did you stop and capture Spring’s glow this weekend? If not, it’s never too late. To the links:

The AWS Outage: The Cloud’s Shining Moment (ORR) And no, that is not a pun on the whole raincloud thing. Sort of.

AmEx Facebook Contest Offers Small Businesses a Social Boost (RWW) We’re partners with Amex, and we support what they are doing here with Facebook.

History Repeats – Facebook is the new AOL (CandC) A worthy read to push your brain. I don’t think Facebook is the new AOL. I think Facebook will, however, become the new Microsoft, if they are lucky.

Why advertisers don’t value online engagement (iMedia) Because they don’t know how.

Hungry Birds Have Their Own Twitter Account (Mashable) Because on Mondays, it’s worth being reminded how utterly ridiculous we can be.

Meet the 20-Year Old CEO Redefining Mobile Advertising (Wired) Profile of Kiip, new mobile in game reward/marketing system.

When There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Information (NYT)  “Is there any real evidence of a “data payoff” across the corporate world?” Apparently, the answer is yes.

Show Us the Data. (It’s Ours, After All.) (NYT) As I was saying. One of my ongoing predictions for the next few years is that consumers will realize the value of their own data, created or co-created with services, and start to leverage it. Nice to see the concept gaining currency.

Less Than 1 Percent of Firefox Users Using ‘Do Not Track’ Option (PC) Consumers don’t behave irrationally. Unless there is a reason to, they don’t.

Today’s program of the day is the Web 2 Summit. More on this very soon.

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