Monday Signal: So Many Stories To Tell, So Few Bullets

(image) Have you missed me? I’ve missed you, Signal folk. No really, while I’ve been away (and remain rather away, what with the book and my supposed mid summer vacation), I’ve missed the back and forth that comes with each daily Signal. So I’m back, at least for a bit. I’ve spent the past week in Wyoming, wearing my cowboy boots and thinking about independence. It’s worth the time, given all that is going on right now. August may swallow Signal again for a bit, but there’s so much goodness to grok…to the links:

The California Ideology (kk) I love Kevin’s stuff, and think he’s right here. Though I think there’s a very similar vibe in Colorado and Austin, as well as Seattle and LA. I’d call it “the Western Ideology.” And that’s not because I happen to be in cowboy country right now, but…

Y Combinator Taps Into Its Alumni Network, Announces Ad Innovation Conference (TC) Good idea, well timed.

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist (Feld) A new book from the well respected VC Brad Feld and partners.

Article: Advertisers Continue to Rely on Ad Network, Publisher Site Placements (eMarketer) I have to say, I put this in here for your summer Powerpoints. Because this was pretty much a dog bites man story for now.

Why Google’s screwup on Google+ brand pages is a big deal (GigaOm) Not sure it is, long term.

Google+ Speeds Timeframe for Business Profiles (ClickZ) A bit more balanced take on Google’s “realization” that it needs to support brands on its new platform.

Big Cable Braces for a Lousy Quarter (ATD) Don’t tell me cord cutting is not real. It’s real. Very real.

Looky Here, It’s Me, In an Ad, On Facebook! Is This Legal? Allowed? Who Knows?! (Searchblog) Fun with Facebook ads and a bad actor.

Google Google, Wait A Minute. This Is About Us, Isn’t It? Google (And Everyone Else) Is Just a Means to Our Ends… (Searchblog) In which I rant, late at night, during vacation. Who doesn’t want to read that? Oh…you?

“The Information” by James Gleick (Searchblog) My review of an important book.

Yahoo’s Ad-Sales Mess (DigiDay) It’s not as easy as one might expect to find a real powerhouse to run billions of dollars of display advertising sales this marketplace. Yahoo might have to think outside the box.

Where Does Google Make Its Money? Top 20 Google AdWords Keyword Categories (MarketingProfs) Let’s remember folks, that for now, Google still makes most of its money on insurance Adwords. Just sayin.

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