Monday Signal: Seems Like the World’s Woken Up …

(image) It wasn’t a very news-heavy weekend, but if one thing jumps out at me, it’s that the world seems to have woken up to the power and responsibility of our collective digital actions. Facebook’s recent moves may have catalyzed it, but this conversation began a long time ago, and now has gathered critical mass. To the links:

Facebook “Frictionless Sharing” Creating Friction With Privacy Advocates, Regulators (SEL) As usual, Facebook is asking for forgiveness, not permission.

Facebook’s 880 Pages About You! (FC) As I said, the conversation about how we as a society deal with our use of services like Facebook is finally in full throat.

Help Wanted: Busybodies With Cameras (NYT) Hey, neighbor, bust someone with your cel phone and you too can get paid! Odd, but seems to work.

Google Hypes Black Eyed Peas Google+ Hangout on Homepage (SEW) Anyone have any doubt how important Google+ is for Google?

Twitter Study Tracks When We Are (Happy) (NYT) The collective biorhythms of our culture appear in the datastream.

Decoding Our Chatter (WSJ) Look, the Journal did the same story, essentially. That for sure means it’s a real trend.

Google’s “Interesting” Week (MondayNote) Good analysis of developments in patents and mobile – with particular emphasis on Amazon’s moves.


FM’s program of the day is The Cadillac RBL 2011 Campaign.  Cadillac has teamed up with Big Think to comprehensively sponsor the Nantucket Project – amazing content including talks from Fred Hassan, George Lucas, Peter Diamandis and Eric Schmidt.

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