Monday Signal: Mind Your Private Bits, Folks, It’s Getting Hot

(image) Well, it’s happening. The cultural dialog I’ve been predicting for years is finally “heating up” – and it’s about time. We’ve got a lot to talk about over the coming years, and a lot to sort through. So let’s get to this past weekend’s links, where this dialog dominated the headlines.

Facebook executive takes heat in hearing on privacy (LAT) Rockefeller (the Senator) says Zuckerberg has no social values. I wonder what Zuck’s great-grandchildren, who may well decide to become politicians, will say about whoever starts a world changing company 100 years from now. What comes around…

Wall Street Journal Reporter Takes Heat Over Tone Of Privacy Series (PC) It’s the first in what will be a far more nuanced discussion in coming years.

It’s Not About Cookies: Privacy Debate Happening At Wrong Level (SEL) True enough. This article argues the point is that our browsing and site visitaiton habits should not be used to impact, say, our insurance rates. But I think folks are also missing this point: That our personal data can be valuable to *us*, and not just to *them* – where them = marketers and large platform companies.

Big Content rips into Google, the “corporate imperialist” (Ars) This is also about privacy, at least, it’s about privacy legislation. Seems Eric Schmidt likes to step in it, I sense he’s doing it on purpose.

Stephen Colbert Thinks Facebook Brand Tags Are Creepy (Mashable) Funny send up of a new product tagging feature.

Internet and telco TV eat away at cable TV market share (BGR) No wonder cable companies are selling broadband as fast as they can.

How LinkedIn is Riding a Wave of Big Data All the Way to the Bank (RWW) LinkedIn is a trove of data not just about people, but how people are making their money and what industries they are working in and how they connect to each other. I do have to say, however, that it’ll be damn hard to grow into that valuation.

The Human Algorithm (Storyful) Thoughtful post on the role of journalists as curators and verifiers.

By The Numbers: How Facebook Says Likes & Social Plugins Help Websites (SEL) A view into how traffic is increased by using Facebook.

Marketers, Quit Blaming Your Agency — It’s Your Brief at Fault (AdAge) Casey is a good egg, will be debuting this new platform at CM Summit in NY in two weeks. I am on his advisory board.

FM’s program of the day is the  The BING Rewards Brand Spotlight Campaign. It’s all over the Independent Web, example at Inhabitat here.

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One thought on “Monday Signal: Mind Your Private Bits, Folks, It’s Getting Hot

  1. It’s all finally coming out! 700m users proves we all like being connected, but not that the business model is the right one or that politicians and big business are sensible allowing themselves to be beholden to a handful of digital organizations. This article re: the UK super injunction mess highlights a debate which will loom large this week. Who owns your data? Assuming Twitter or Facebook don’t, then on the one hand they can’t be sued by randy footballers, but on the other, does ‘opt out’ represent a gross misappropriation of copyrighted information they don’t own? Are they citizen publishers or platform landlords. If the latter then where’s our share of the income generated from my digital home and how dare you invade it without permission?

    If we are going to be able to trust our Governments, the internet and the platforms that underpin it, then the only way I see to achieve that is for an individuals digital home to be afforded the same respect under law as their physical one. The ad business model is flawed unless target data is encouraged not raped from people, so platforms have to share in the revenues on an ‘OPT IN’ basis. If they monetized primarily as utilities at the commerce layer, which I’ve been saying for years then we would have a true digital democracy instead of a growing digital dictatorship and would fuel a new age of creativity, aspiration and hope. At the moment all are being sucked out of us to line a few pockets and under some naive notion this will somehow fill the hole whose precipice we are all perched on!

    Big few weeks…

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