Monday Signal: Media Takes a Hit

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Apple’s Calendar design — yea or nay?

In today’s Signal: Hurricane Sandy’s media biz damage; the design battle that’s tearing Apple and the tech world apart; how to make the best of Facebook marketing; the growing online paid-content market; and more.

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Hurricane to Cost Media Biz Half a Billion Dollars (Ad Week)  In a note to investors, Pivotal Research Group senior analyst Brian Wieser detailed the staggering blow that Sandy dealt to investors: “If we assume that spending equivalent to one day of the fourth quarter was ‘lost’ — because of interruptions to local TV and radio programming for several days in a significant portion of the country, paired with the impact on decision making among national marketers and media buyers based in the storm’s footprint — the storm will cost the industry almost $500 million of activity.” Wieser revised his U.S. advertising forecast for Q4, predicting a 1.4 percent decline compared to an earlier prediction of 0.9 percent growth.

Media Mojo Melts: Downer Third Quarter Predicted (New York Post) Media watchers report that the lackluster third quarter numbers soon to be released are the result of competition from the Summer Olympics on NBC and a poor summer box office. In addition, New  York-based Nielsen will have difficulty tallying ratings results because of the widespread damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Should a Calendar App Look Like a Calendar? (Slate) Interface designers have been fretting about Apple’s turn toward faux-real imagery (known in the industry as “skeuomorphic” design) for a long time. The iPad’s Notes app, for example, looks like a yellow-lined legal pad set into a stitched, leather-bound datebook. The Calendar app is meant to look like a paper datebook. The recent firing of Scott Forstall, Apple’s longtime chief of mobile software and the man responsible for the looks, has fueled the design discussion.

5 Surprising Facts About Facebook for Brands (Digiday) Digiday’s Giselle Abramovich spoke with Facebook analytics provider PageLever about the ways in which marketers can make the best of their Facebook marketing. Some of the data is rather surprising, but the implications are simple: Content is king on Facebook. Your content could make or break you.

Facebook Posts Get Half Their Reach Within 30 Minutes of Being Published (Marketing Charts) Socialbakers, a company that has developed a platform that allows brands to compare their social media efforts to other competitors in their industry, analyzed a select group of brand posts published on October 31st, finding that an average of one-third of post reach was obtained in just the first 10 minutes after publication. Previous data from Socialbakers has indicated that after the first half of reach is obtained in the 30 minutes post-publication, the rest is attained in the following 7 hours.

Online Paid-Content Market Poses Threat to Traditional Advertising (The Guardian)  Research firm Forrester reports that the rise of tablets and smartphones will help grow the online paid-content market and warns that the rise of paid-for services on mobile devices and tablets could limit advertising revenue opportunities. While consumer research for years reported that consumers claimed they wouldn’t pay for content, the forecast revenues indicate otherwise.


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