Monday Signal: Let The CES Madness Commence

(image) A little slow over the weekend, but the links that stood out are worthy of your quick consideration. CES starts today, I will be missing it for the first time in years. I can’t say I’m sad about it, though I do enjoy seeing all my industry pals. Send me a postcard, willya? To the links:

CES Notebook: The Constant Search for Power and Vegas’ Worst-Kept Secret (ATD) Curtain raiser from ATD.

What to expect from The Next Web’s coverage of CES 2012 (TNW) A full court press.

FTC asked to probe Facebook Timeline for privacy violations (ZDNet) By the same org that drove the last settlement between US Govt. and Facebook.

U.S. Government Threatens Free Speech With Calls for Twitter Censorship (EFF) I’m glad organizations like the EFF exist.

Information is holy; copying is a sacrament (1709) I am not making this up: The Swedish government just accredited a religion whose central tenet is the right to copy things.

The Great Tablet War of 2012 (FC) We thought it was going to happen last year, but that was just a slaughter.

Eight Top Internet Firms Back Alternative To SOPA (RWW) Well, OPEN is better than SOPA, but it ain’t great.

Millennial Media Files IPO, Marks Mobile Ad Sales Growth (ClickZ) This one should be interesting to see if it takes off.

Article: Do Social Media Postings Always Require a Brand Response? (EM) Yes.

CES Live: Global Gadget Biz To Be $1 Trillion In 2012 (Updated) (TT) That’s trillion with a “T”.


FM’s program of the day is our first ever Signal conference in San Francisco. Already have about a dozen great speakers confirmed, more to come…

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