Monday Signal: It’s Getting Very Fast, Very Fastly

(image) The theme over the weekend was one of indigestion – in that so much is going on, that many folks felt the pressure of making sense of it all. Facebook’s new moves, in particular, were (overly) analyzed, for more, see the piece I wrote below, which summarizes some of the second day stories. To the links:

Dazed and Confused? Welcome to the Club (PC/Rishad) A senior agency exec on the pace of change in our industry.

The Fragmentation Of Online Marketing (AVC) Fred’s giving the presentation at OMMA soon. I can’t quite figure out the throughline, but there are 200 plus comments, so it’s getting folks engaged…

Article: Who’s Using Tumblr? (eMarketer) I think the numbers here are low, but the majority are young.

How the Yahoo homepage predicts your clicks (Register) Yahoo, as I’ve said many times, is a “dependent web” property. Here’s how they do it.

Facebook Just Shifted From Scale to Engagement (AdAge) Yes, and….engagement on your own terms, on your own platform. I’ve got a lot to say about this, but I’ll wait. For now.

L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble: content marketing masters (Superhype) Good case studies of two companies we’re proud to be working with in one way or another.

Google+ Gains Nearly 10 Million Users In First 2 Days Of Being Open To The Public (SEL) That big arrow on the home page seems to be working.

Can Facebook become the Web? (Fortune) Thoughtful piece on the Facebook news of the week.

Facebook’s terrible plan to get us to share everything we do on the Web. (Slate) Another one, with a twist: Facebook may be destroying taste!

All of life has been utterly.. (Dan Lyon) Satirist’s satire.

Facebook As Storyteller (Searchblog) My take on some of the issues raised by the Facebook move, in particular as it relates to marketers.

The Web 2 Summit Data Layer Is Live (Searchblog) Check out this year’s version of the map. Pretty cool…

FM’s program of the day is Intel’s Lifescoop.

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