Monday Signal: Good News for Revenues

Two new records for Internet revenues made news these past few days, while government and corporations continue to wrestle with privacy, national security, and monopolistic practices. To the links:

Q3 ’11 Internet Advertising Revenues Up 22% from Year Ago (IAB) That’s quite a jump given the overall economy, and the overall quarterly figure is a new record as well.

$6 Billion in ‘Cyber Week’ U.S. Online Spending Sets New Weekly Record (comScore) Speaking of records…

Digital Ad Buying Has a People Problem (DD) Turns out digital is not as inefficient as we thought, but it’s still three times worse than TV. Things are getting better, is how I read this.

AT&T: Can You Believe Those Guys At The Freaking FCC? (PC) The battle between AT&T and the FCC is worth keeping an eye on.

The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers (FP) Foreign Policy rounds up Big Brains. Always good to know.

Lieberman Urges Google To Ban Terrorist Content (WPN) Where does it end? Who defines it?

Q&A with Next Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang (AdAge) Laura Lang will certainly be a fresh face at Time Inc. I hope she kills it there.

The Spyfiles (WikiLeaks) Some worrying stuff in here.

Apple, Samsung Dispute Likely To Turn On 1994 Knight-Ridder Tablet (PC) Funny, I wrote my thesis, partly, about the tablet and how it would change publishing back in 1992.

“We need some angry nerds” (Searchblog) My summary of an important piece by Zittrain. Active comment thread.

Google ramps up ads and marketing (Merc) Summary and overview of Google’s ramped up marketing machine.

How the Internet Is Ruining Everything (NYT) Not really. A summary of David Weintraub’s new book.

Article: Will Brands Be Successful on Google+? (eMarketing) Not as successful as Facebook, yet.

Twitter Quietly (Finally) Launches Self-Serve Ads (ATD) A big step in the company’s revenue model.

How the Web Brought New Economics to Super Bowl Advertising (Ad Age) Estimates that Super Bowl ads will be watched half a billion times on the web this year.


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