Monday Signal: Go Viral, Not Nuclear

“Daisy Girl,” Lyndon Johnson’s response to Barry Goldwater's statement that he would consider using nuclear weapons in Vietnam.

In today’s Signal: One man’s path to viral; This Is Responsive —a one-stop-shop for responsive web design news and resources; a funny thing happened to the openness of Android as time passed; Apple: the brand that used to be synonymous with uncomplicated computing; 11 campaign ads that changed the course of politics; and more.

To the links…

BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti Is The Stephen Hawking Of Radical Skateboarding Birds (FastCompany) Why does something go viral on the Internet? BuzzFeed has hired a team of data scientists, is acquiring Facebook data company Kingfish Labs, and hiring web video pioneer Ze Frank, all in an attempt to answer that question. It’s not that BuzzFeed believes it can find an exact recipe for cracking the viral code; rather, the company is using machine-learning tactics to maintain a constantly evolving model.

‘This Is Responsive’: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Responsive Design (WebMonkey) Responsive design guru Brad Frost has created This Is Responsive, a one-stop shop of continually updated responsive design patterns, resources and news to which anyone can contribute. WebMonkey’s Scott Gilbertson calls it the most comprehensive collection of best practices, tips and tricks for responsive design that he’s seen.

What Is The One True Android & How “Open” Is It? (MarketingLand) A funny thing happened to the openness of Android as years have passed: It started to feel less open. Google readies for fresh debate over how much it controls “open” Android as well as what Android actually is.

Am I An Outlier, Or Are Apple Products No Longer Easy To Use? (BattelleMedia) Our John Battelle has been a Mac guy for almost his entire adult life. He discovered the Mac in 1984, and never looked back. Until now, that is. While it used to be that Apple was the brand which uncomplicated computing, that’s simply no longer true.

11 Influential Campaign Ads That Changed the Course of Politics (Mashable) Whether through smear campaigns, sympathy grabs or catchy jingles, we’ve seen candidates do just about everything to capture our attention and get their messages across. Take a look  at some classic political campaign moments, including the video of “Daisy Girl,” Lyndon Johnson’s response to Barry Goldwater’s statement that he would consider using nuclear weapons in Vietnam. This famous ad, which is credited with helping Johnson defeat Goldwater, played only once, during an NBC Monday night broadcast in 1964, before being pulled from the air.

Every Great Business Is An Argument (from 2008) (Battelle Media) Every great business is founded in a thesis, a statement of what should be true. It’s then the business’s job to go prove that thesis. In essence, the business becomes the argument that proves it. In this, a blast from the Battelle Media archive, John Battelle explains why a thesis will differentiate your business from all the others in your market.

Want Twitter Success? Create Content (Digiday) The most engaging companies on Twitter are in the business of content. Digiday looks at the top 10.


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