Monday Signal: Emerging from The Summit

I took last week off to run the Web 2 Summit, which went quite well, with lots of news and insights. Check the site for more, meantime, here are a few days’ worth of links to chew on, including quite a few on the Occupy Wall St. meme. I’ll be continuing my three-days-a-week habit for a while, however, until editorial help arrives. To the links:

KPCB Internet Trends (2011) (KPCB) This is Mary’s annual presentation at Web 2, which is always a hit.

Occupying My Mind )AVC) Fred’s take is similar to mine – we need to figure out how to turn this to good.

AmEx Leads $12 Million Investment in Clickable (ClickZ) Amex invests in a company that has helped it develop small business products.

Algorithms, Brand Advertising and You (AdAge) The CEO of MediaMath argues that, well, brands should use services like MediaMath. The bigger idea is sound, though not complete.

Ultimate team-up: Federated Media and Automattic partnership brings ads to (VB) This deal is big for both parties, and great for small publishers, marketers, and the Independent web in general. Yes, I’m biased.

Ballmer On Not Buying Yahoo: “Sometimes You’re Lucky” (TC) Something he said while speaking with me on stage at Web 2. Of course, Microsoft, along with everyone else, is now rumored to be looking at…buying Yahoo. Again.

Article: Top Marketers Look to Invest Big in Social Media (EM) Looky here, brands are serious about joining the conversation. Hope they don’t think that just means getting a place over on Facebook. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Great Tech War Of 2012 (FC) Good read, reminds me of the Points of Control map we did about 18 months ago for last year’s Summit.

The Ad Men Behind Occupy George, Occupy Wall Street Infographics Printed On Dollar Bills (FC) Marketing comes to the movement.

Pro #OccupyWallStreet Tweets Beat Anti By 50% (RWW) One measure of sentiment is squarely in the #ows camp.

Google Puts A Price On Privacy (SEL) If I’m reading this right, and I think I am, I can’t imagine this can stand.

Hangout With the Technium (KK) Smart approach to using Google+ by colleague and author Kevin Kelly.


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