Monday Signal: Baraka Flocka On Fire

The news over the weekend started regal, went to the White House Correspondents dinner (Trump, you’re fired…) and ended with Obama announcing the death of the US’s decade-old mortal enemy. A big, big weekend for the President. It reminds me of a certain deep Internet meme that I won’t link to, as it’s NSFW, but it’s funny, and somehow, I imagine the play counts are going to rise in the next 24 hours. Know what I’m talking about? Google the first two words of the title (no, not “Monday Signal”). To the links, which in fact are very interesting, beyond the big news of the weekend:

President Obama Delivers Statement on Death of Osama Bin Laden (Mashable) Amazing how fast news travels and is digested now. Big, big news. I wish the guys who did this had helmet cams. I wonder if they did.

Barack Obama Wants You To Watch His Funny YouTube Video (ATD) Well, not any more. This is from his White House Correspondents dinner, before the Osama Bin Laden news. Well done. Obama is going to be hard to beat in 2012 at this point.

Location’s Next Act Takes Shape (Ad Age) If you’re thinking about the check-in, make sure to think about the check out as well.

Can Geolocation Apps Win Over Smartphone Users? (Marketing Profs) Good research to guide your investments in this space, don’t let the size of Facebook fool you…yet.

Will Artificial Intelligence Lead To Massive Unemployment? (Overcoming Bias)Author says yes. I say no way. Totally ignores the ability of humans to improvise. More on this…in my next book.

How to Build Marketing Content Around B2B Buying Triggers (Marketing Profs) Content marketing is the new black. Of course, at FM, we’ve been doing it for five plus years.

The Future of Advertising will be Integrated (BothSidesOfTheTable) Interesting. But not new. Engagement, folks, engagement. Did I hear content marketing?!

Conversation Is The New Attention (A List Apart) I utterly agree with this sentance: “The best conference talks share a common attribute: they start a conversation.” And also, as with the above, FM have been about conversations since we started….but I’m not sure about needing technology to make a conference better. You need, rather, better production and better speakers who understand the problem the authors are describing.

Best Buy claims BlackBerry PlayBook blew past expectations (Electronista) Quite a surprise, a pleasant one for RIM, I am sure.

Content control in the Age of AOL (TNW) Is it all over for the “independent web” given all the purchases (or, the many sites who want to be purchased?). Hell no. This is why I love the Interwebs.

Facebook Numbers Feed IPO Outlook (WSJ) When Larry and Sergey took Google public, they purposely misled Wall Street as to the amazing numbers the company was putting up. Looks like Facebook is repeating the playbook.

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