Monday Signal: Back and Forth At the Lions

We’re back…. Well, sort of. After two weeks off (the first for CM Summit, and the second for a much needed vacation…), I’m spending this week in Cannes, France, site of the Cannes Lions – an international advertising celebration. This is my first time at the event, thanks to Adobe, who asked me to speak at the event. I am told folks stay up till 5 am every night, drinking like Don Draper. I’ll do my best to post every day, but dont’ blame me if my grammar slips a bit. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, we did miss quite a bit of news these past two weeks. I’ll try to mix in some old links with the new, but given the goal of Signal is to give you the overview of one news cycle at a time, I’ll focus on more recent stories. To the stories and the links:

Story one: Facebook slipping? I noticed a small surge in stories about Facebook slipping, perhaps due to the success of LinkedIn’s IPO, but also, a lot of coverage of this story, which noted that Facebook’s US membership had actually dropped, by six million. That was countered by this story: :Facebook denies loss of 6 million US users, which is sort of a non denial, as I read it, because sure, Facebook is growing overall (thanks to international), but a lose in the US sparked a lot of analysis – such as this research, which shows that “60% say LinkedIn is the most important social network.” All in all, not a good month or so for Facebook, given the Burson-Marsteller debacle.

Story two: FM’s six years/CMSummit. While I was on vacation, I wrote this post: Six Years In. An Appreciation. The response, particularly in email, was really, really amazing, and I’m so proud of what we’ve done, and where we are going. And I just realized that I did not write Signal for two weeks, due to CM Summit and Internet Week. We had a record crowd there and the program was really amazing. I’ll post the video links in the next few days.

Story three: Metrics, dammit. More on the ever present issue of measurement, and how a lack of consensus around samesaid is blocking dollars migration from TV to digital. Study: Brands Would Increase Online Spend If Metrics Were Better (BizReport). Also, see TV Spots Resist Flow of Dollars to the Web (WSJ).

Story four: We all live in a small town now. I wrote this last week: We (Will) Live In A Small Big Town. Here’s an example of what I meant, broadly speaking: Vancouver Rioters Hunted On Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (Gawker) See also Not Me Dot Com (WSJ) – on how to “depersonalize” your web. I think it’s not black or white. We all have the right to instrument our identities on the fly. We just don’t have the dern instruments…yet.

Other links:

73% Of CEOs Say Marketers Lack Credibility ( No wonder they keep firing their CMOs.

Article: Growing Device Markets Mean Opportunities for Publishers, Marketers (eMarketer) Big time.

Customers Prefer Twitter To Facebook For Brand Product News, Support And Purchases (Media Bistro) Not surprising, given why folks use Twitter (to find out waht’s happening external to “friend network.”)


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