Monday Signal: And Then There Were Three

Three carriers, that is, with the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T. Big deals like this remind us of the stakes at the consumer endpoint of the mobile web. I only hope this consolidation doesn’t impair consumer freedoms when it comes to the app ecosystem, which I wrote about late Friday. More as we go to the links:

AT&T Agrees to Buy Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA Unit for $39 Billion (Bloomberg) Yow. Big deal.

A Report Card on Web 2 and the App Economy (Searchblog) In which I compare the current state of apps to Web 1.0.

New Rules for the New Internet Bubble (Steve Blank) I respect the author, but we’re not in a bubble. We’re in an bubble of interest around this story, but not a financial bubble of any significance.

The Top Ten Signs the Valley is on Tilt Again (Kedrosky) Sure, we may be on “tilt” but it’s not the entire economy on tilt.

The Pros and Cons of Tumblr for Small Business (Mashable) Good to see Open Forum on top of a rising trend, as usual, in service of SBOs.

The voting so far (Kim Cameron) Informal, open voting on all tenets of the  Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights, which I noted last week. The only one where there is some debate is the right to have anonymity.

Larry Page Wants to Return Google to Its Startup Roots (Wired) Author Levy has an all access book coming out on Google. If you read the whole piece you will understand that Page can, in all seriousness, talk about taking payments in goats instead of credit cards.

Music Is All In The Mind (Nature) I’m just starting a journey to understand music. I hope it’s all my mind!

The Best Apps + Sites for Wine Lovers (LifeScoop) Because it’s Monday.

FM’s program of the day is again PopPressed, a new site from FM, Lexus, and WordPress, offering “The freshest in culture.” This is a very cool new program, thanks Lexus!

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