Monday Signal: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and…DVR

The No. 1 TV Network Is Now The DVR.

In today’s Signal: The consumer as chief TV programmer; USA Today’s new logo doesn’t impress Colbert; Twitter goes ‘lightweight’ for more engagement; Apple’s Passbook is getting high marks from users; culling personal data with Tictrac; and more.

To the links …

Fall TV Analysis: The No. 1 TV Network Is Now The DVR (TV Guide) If your digital video recorder were a network, with you as the chief programmer, you’d make a huge impact on TV ratings. Plus, with 45 percent of homes now equipped with DVRs, network execs who once feared the DVR’s commercial-zapping technology are now embracing it, because it allows people to watch more TV.

Stephen Colbert on the USA Today Infographic Logo  (Flowing Data) Last month, USA Today launched a redesigned logo — a circle that reflects the day’s news in each section. Stephen Colbert isn’t impressed: “Serendipitously, this is also a pie chart showing the percentage of people confused by the USA Today’s new logo”.

Twitter Confirms Facebook-Style ‘Like’ Option for Engagement (ClickZ)  At the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Engage conference in London on Thursday, Twitter’s chief executive Dick Costolo confirmed the company’s decision to offer users a more ‘lightweight’ option to highlight tweets, which will help firms using Twitter for branding purposes gain more traction. “We’re testing some alternative terms for favourite,” Costolo said. “Favourite feels a little bit too heavy weight so we’re testing some lighter weight terms. … The lighter weight and more frictionless you make it to engage, the more engagement you’ll get.”

Forget the E-Wallet — It’s Apple’s Passbook That Will Transform Retail (AdAge) Passbook, an Apple app for receiving, managing and using offers, tickets and loyalty points, is perhaps the most under-rated feature of iOS 6. A “Pass” is received by users in various ways and, when clicked on, reveal a barcode that a merchant scans to apply the discount, redeem loyalty points or accept the ticket, as the case may be. Passbook-enabled apps for Fandango, Target and Walgreens rank among the top free apps in the App Store; Ticketmaster, American Airlines, United and Live Nation follow close behind.

So You’ve Collected Oodles of Personal Data: Tictrac Helps You Actually Use It (GigaOM)  Pulling all of your lifestyle app data together to get a look at a bigger picture of all your activity can be overwhelming. Tictrac, a U.K.-based startup that aggregates data from all kinds of services, including apps like Runkeeper, Withings, Facebook and Twitter, can help make gathering info easy by providing a personal dashboard of all your activity.

The Rise of Enterprise Marketing (Chris Dixon) Enterprise software has gone from being about sales (one-to-one) to being about marketing (one-to-many). As such, there’s been a fundamental shift from sales-driven enterprise software companies to product-driven companies. And the news is good all around.

NYTCo Pins Display Troubles On Programmatic Buying (AdExchanger) The success that the New York Times Co. has had in building its paywall subscriptions could be a double-edged sword, in that although producing incremental circulation dollars could also be holding back traffic and the ad spending that is tied to its audience.


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