Monday Signal: A Weekend’s Work

Here’s your quick weekend links from Signal’s curation engine (that’d be me). Enjoy….

How Online Publishers Should Approach Mobile Ad Networks (With Caution) (AdAge) IAB exec warns that we need to think differently about the rise of mobile nets.

Is the Internet the “Paris” of the new millennium? (GigaOm) Interesting take on how the “rest of the world” is rushing to embrace Internet stars.

Big guns take aim at Web piracy (LAT) Interesting to remember the folks behind new Internet legislation include drug companies. There’s movement on this front, see next article…

The Good And The Bad Of The New OPEN Bill From Wyden And Issa (TechDirt) If you want to go deeper, go here.

Yvette Alberdingk Thijm: Technology Companies: The New Human Rights Players (HP) This is heading to a place where my book is camping – companies as key actors in our culture.

DNA: The next big hacking frontier (WP) Ability to not only “read” DNA, but “write” it has huge implications.

Mercury News interview: Andrew McLaughlin, VP at Tumblr, former Googler (Merc) This guy has landed at a lot of interesting places, including Google and the US Government. Now Tumblr.

Twitter As Discovery Platform: Redesign Adds Personalized Stories, Inline Media, Embeds (TC) More on the newnewTwitter.

19 Brands Get New Twitter Pages in Time For Holidays (CZ) Wonder how many it’ll be a year from now….

What marketers say about working online: McKinsey Global Survey results (NoBS) Good overview of fresh research from McKinsey.


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