Midweek Signal: The Brand’s Online

The Superbowl continues as a peg upon which to hang consideration of our industry’s place in the branding world – can online be a branding experience (I say yes), or are we doomed to becoming a data-driven direct business (I say, yes and!). To the links:

Is OK Go’s Chevy-Sponsored Music Video One of the Best Product Placements Ever? (AdAge) Is sure ranks up there.

The Painful Paradox Of Facebook Advertising Vs. Super Bowl Advertising (FC) “This dichotomy between algorithm and aspiration embodies the complexity of marketing today.”

Why Online Data Isn’t Enough (DD) Interview with Nada Stirratt, new CRO of Acxiom.

Inside story of Foxconn shrouded in secrecy (CNN) I don’t have all the facts, but it sure seems like Apple, and the rest of Foxconn’s customers, are shuffling their collective feet on this story.

We Know What You Want And When You Will Buy It (FC) Turns out we’re not very logical. I really don’t believe it!

10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy (Brain Pickings) Oh, to be able to do what he suggests.

Larry Page’s “Tidal Wave Moment”? (Searchblog) A comparison to a historic moment in Microsoft’s past.

Facebook: The Last Great Company of the Desktop Age, Playing Catch-Up in a Mobile World

A World Divided – Or Coming Together? (Oxford Research Group) Threading together a number of major world events.

Mystery music app TastemakerX nails down a $1.8M funding round pre-launch (VB) I am on this company’s advisory board.

“EverythingSense” (FM Tech) Musings on the meaning of our Zemanta deal.

Article: Does ‘Liking’ a Brand Drive User Loyalty? (EM) Er, not exactly.


FM’s program of the day is our first ever Signal conference in San Francisco. Amazing lineup. More to come…

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