January 20, Signal: Native Can’t Be Done On The Cheap

Native advertising has been around for a long, long time.

Image from The Awl.

This week in last week’s best links: Publishers cheap out, hacking gets results, Nest makes it big, Yahoo invests media-style, BBC Worldwide is thinking like a startup, Facebook set to release “Paper,” Twitter targets power users, a history of native, the cookie is with us, some vintage ads from BoingBoing, the auto industry increases RTB spend and some great social campaigns from 2013.

Report: Publishers Doing Native on the Cheap | AdWeek Representing more experienced (read: expensive) journalists, some publishers are using cheap freelance labor to create native content. “They represented themselves as giving access to their editorial staff,” one marketing exec said. “Then they delivered articles written by copywriters instead of journalists.”

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t | Both Sides of the Table A straight-talking overview of the hacks, the sneaks and the workarounds that get big results until they are strongly policed or adapted as the way of doing business.

Google Buys Nest Labs for $3.2 Billion in Cash | CNN Google announced Monday that it’s investing in the internet of things, buying Nest Labs for $3.2 billion in cash. Nest develops “smart” home appliances like thermostats and smoke detectors that program themselves and communicate with smartphones.

Is Yahoo serious about media? | Monday Note Until Marissa Mayer, Yahoo focused on survival. But now, in Yahoo’s quest to become a big news media player, they seem to be acquiring strong bylines and have been are planning a mobile app.

Fired Yahoo Exec’s $109M Golden Parachute Was One Of The Biggest Ever | Forbes That’s a lot of cabbage for a person who barely stayed a year. Ouch.

Paul Dempsey: ‘Media companies must embrace the open internet to survive’ | The Guardian Paul Dempsey, president global markets, BBC Worldwide says the internet is challenging the establishment to become more consumer-focused and behave more like startups.

Facebook Preps News Reader to Rival Flipboard | Recode.net Called, “Paper,” Facebook is looking to release a Flipboard-like reader before the end of the month. As part of a multi-year effort from the News Feed team, Project Reader is led by Chris Cox, Facebook’s VP of product.

Twitter Power Users: You’re Now a Target for Ads | Digiday Twitter  now offers marketers the ability to target ads to specific users’ accounts. Based on their bios, follower count, verified status and past tweets, the most popular tweeters can now expect an influx of ads.

Google, Nest and the Rise of the Physical Graph | Mashable Are you ready?

A History Of Native Advertising | The Awl A history of native advertising from FM partner site, The Awl, this look at the relationships between newspapers and their advertisers is worth a read. From the New Yorker to the Honolulu Advertiser, sponsored content has a long history.

Reports of the Cookie’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated — and That’s Good | AdAge Says Joshua Koran, “Next year, and the year after, the cookie will still be with us. And that is a good thing for advertisers, publishers and consumer privacy.”

40 outrageously offensive vintage ads | Boing Boing Oof. This collection of vintage ads reminds us how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go.

Article: Programmatic Ad Buying in the Auto Industry Gathers Speed | eMarketer Second only behind retail in current RTB spend, the automotive industry will increase its programmatic buying in 2014.

The best social media campaigns of 2013 (so far) | iMediaConnection A historical post from June, these campaigns are worth revisiting as we budget for social efforts for 2014.