Friday Signal: What’s The Creamy Middle of Marketing? Ah…It’s Content

Among other things, Oreo’s Daily Twist celebrates the anniversary of the first high five.

In today’s Signal: Steve Jobs, soothsayer; Apple’s brand value rises; Amazon breaks out of the weeds and talks about ad ambitions; Twitter goes ‘traditional’; Oreo’s Daily Twist gives credence to the social media marketing blog; and more.

To the links…

The “Lost” Steve Jobs Speech from 1983; Foreshadowing Wireless Networking, the iPad, and the App Store (LLT) An audiotape of a speech that Steve Jobs gave in ’83 reveals exactly how much of a visionary he really was. For example, he spoke then of Apple’s desire to put “an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you that you can learn how to use in 20 minutes.” Sound like something you’re familiar with?

Apple Named No 2 Global Brand in Interbrand Study (Apple Insider) According to Interbrand, Apple’s brand value increased 129 percent to reach an estimated $76.5 billion, the most growth shown by any of the top 100 companies on the global list. The tech giant is now just one spot behind Coca-Cola.

Amazon Breaks Silence on ‘Secretive’ Ad Ambitions (AdAge) Lisa Utzschneider, Amazon’s VP of Global Sales, made an appearance in New York during Advertising Week to talk about the company’s latest ad offerings, which include the log-in page of some Kindle devices, deep targeting data based on past purchases and inventory on sites like IMDB, Zappos, and She also showed ads for Sony with a buy button and an ad for CBS Films with a trailer for “Words.”

Twitter Tries to Talk Brand Better (Digiday) Twitter’s announcement that it will soon offer more “traditional” brand metrics around its advertising products, including brand awareness, uplift, and purchase intent, is designed to prove that the social network’s ad products do exactly what they’re designed to do. Twitter believes that this move will help it communicate more effectively with brands in a language that they understand.

The Social Media Marketing Blog: A New Twist on Content (Scott Monty) Kraft Food’s Oreo brand has been sharing some very imaginative and engaging content through its gallery-type ‘blog’ called the Oreo Daily Twist. The purpose of the creative content is not to ‘sell,’ but rather to share. And, man, is it working!

From Hamsters to Wizards, Weirdness That Succeeded (NYT) Some of the most popular sessions offered at Advertising Week have been those featuring decision-makers from marketing and media companies, including our own John Battelle, who described some brands as struggling to shift from traditional ad forms like commercials to having conversations with consumers on social media platforms.

Twitter Partners With Nielsen on New Tool to Measure Brand Impact (Mashable) Through a new survey tool (currently being tested with a few select advertisers), Twitter’s ad partners will be able to conduct surveys on the network from the @TwitterSurveys account. The survey questions will appear in the user’s timeline, and the user will then have the option to answer the questions directly in tweets.


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