Friday Signal: The Predictions Begin

Tons of “best of” and “…of the year” lists clog my reading list this past day or so, and the news has had  a distinctly predictive feel to it lately. I’ve picked a few worthy of your perusal. Of course, my own come every year around Jan 1….For now, a ton of links for you. To them:

12 Most Important Tech Stories (Atlantic) Considered and thoughtful. But I not a fan of  how the article is presented.

23 Tech Superstars Poised To Own 2012 (BI) Not deep on insight, but a nice list. Again, what’s with the format?!

Sound-Triggered Smartphone Ads Seek You Out (AdWeek) Very interesting hack to deal with ambient awareness issues.

Stats of the Day: 50 New Social-Media Stats to Kick-start Your Slide Deck (AdAge) Just in time for your holiday Powerpointing.

Schmidt Reckons Most TVs Will Have Google TV By Mid-2012 (PC) Bold prediction that.

Facebook To Launch A Subscribe Button For Websites (CTC) Subscribe is the new “Fan” for Facebook, and this is web-wide.

New York Times’s Reveal is the mirror of the future (TNW) Well it’s one of them, anyway. Interesting stuff.

Rumor: Amazon Retail Stores Coming & Predatory Pricing Channel Destruction (JC) Fun speculation from Mr. Calacanis.

The Internet Big Five (Searchblog) My initial thoughts on the companies driving our collective platform future.

Twitter: Yours to discover (Twitter) A new design, and implications for marketers in mobile, a new embed feature, and in brand pages.

30 Freakiest Ads of 2011 (AdWeek) Because it’s Friday.


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