Friday Signal: The Late Links

I know I promised you that I’d not post links Friday, because of my all day travel sked yesterday. But gosh dern, if there wasn’t some interesting news anyway, and I was up early thanks to jet lag. So here’s what I got for ya:’

The Internet Roars At Cannes Lions (Searchblog) My thoughts on a week at the advertising festival.

In-Stream Ads Are Coming To Twitter, Will A User Revolt Follow? (ATD) Probably not, if Twitter makes the ads really relevant. For that, they need scale in number and persity of messaging.

Google Eyeing Further Display Ad Acquisitions (Reuters) This ain’t a big surprise. But the next story make make it harder for Google to act:

Googleopoly: The Definitive Guide To Antitrust Investigations Against Google (SEL) It’s getting a lot of scrutiny. Maybe they should hire the outgoing CMO of Microsoft, Mich Matthews, who has been through this before ….

Social Annotations in Search: Now Your Social Network = Rankings (SEOmoz) This is a really big deal if it works. It shifts a lot of power to Twitter from Facebook and sets up a Google/Twitter and Facebook/Microsoft duel.

Keen On… James Gleick: Why Cyberspace, As a Mode of Being, Will Never Go Away (TCTV) Gleick will be at Web 2 and is one of my favorite writers. Lets You Pay on Mobile by Holding a Credit Card Up to the Phone (RWW) Innovation in this space is exploding.

Microsoft vs. Apple infographic details rivalry from inception to global domination (BGR) If you like infographics, this is a long one.

Benioff Says the Cloud is Passe (ReadWrite Cloud) Well, not really. Just that social listening is key and the cloud enables it.

1 Facebook fan is worth 20 visits to a company’s website, says report. (TNW) I find this one hard to believe, honestly. In particular given how some brands pump up their fan base with less than organic means.

AP gets Knight funding to create journalistic tool (AP) It’s about data visualization helping find real stories.

Moms Making a Social Statement (DigiDaily) Yep. Uh huh. And FM has tons of Moms. TONs. Have you seen DailyBuzz Moms?

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