Friday Signal: Tetonic

(image) It’s Friday. I’m getting itchy, because I am about to spend a week in some of the grandest mountains in American. Yes, I’m leaving for a while, but don’t miss me too much. There are a small batch of lovely links to keep us entertained:
Cisco Reminds Us Once Again How Big the Internet Is, and How Big It’s Getting (ATD) Depends on how you define big. I think we’ve not really gotten to the right definition, but I agree with the word.

L’Oreal Hires Federated Media on, Joining Marketers Outsourcing Content for Editorial Plays (AdAge) Coverage of our partnership with L’Oreal.

Google’s Q2 by the numbers: all the other stuff (GigaOm) All the other stuff is worth checking out. Google+ gets some quantification, and it’s pretty good. Oh, and Google killed the quarter too.
Twitter drives 4 times as much traffic as you think it does ( It’s a new world of counting referrals.

What G+ is really about (pst it’s not social) ( ) Terrific out of the box thinking.

Search Engines Change How Memory Works (Wired) With every technology we adopt, we adapt.
Google launches Photovine app for Apple’s iPhone, not Android (LAT) Smart move, start with the competitor, dare it to swat you back.
The Unselfish Gene (HBR) Worthy reading to expand the discussion.

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