Friday Signal: Ripple In Muddy Water

(image) The ripples of Facebook’s IPO filing continue outward, but what does it all mean? Well, you’ll not find out much from this issue of Signal, though there are a few links about that momentous event. Rather, it’s all a bit …. muddy now. I’m waiting a few days before weighing in. Meanwhile, the Internet waits for noone. To the links:

5 Most Interesting Advertising Parts of Facebook’s IPO Filing (DD) There are more than five, but here they are.

Google Buys Online Ads In Pushback Over Privacy (PC) Google is trying to make itself into One Place, not Many Places. And it’s hard to pull off given its history. Which opens it up to attacks, like this one….

Microsoft Slams Google Privacy Changes With “Putting People First” Ad Campaign (ML) Oh, the gall!

Is Google In Danger of Being Shut Out of the Changing Internet? (Time) An article which spawned my only real Facebook related post since the filing….

It’s Not Whether Google’s Threatened. It’s Asking Ourselves: What Commons Do We Wish For? (Searchblog) What are our shared values in the age of Facebook?

A 5-Year-Old Girl’s Insight on Popular Logos (Time) A video that is just fun. And it’s Friday.

Federated Media Adds Zemanta’s Technology To Its ToolSet For Publishers (SW) Big news, for the Independent Web.

U.S. Press Freedom Fell 27 Places Last Year to 47th in the World (The Atlantic) Now that’s just sad.

From the Arab Spring to SOPA: Why the Future of Power Is Us (Mashable) Interesting roundup from Davos.

Pinterest Part III: Participating on Pinterest as a Brand Curator (SMT) You know, this Pinterest thing just won’t go away, will it?! Here’s a guide.

Last month, 1 in every 5 pages viewed on the web belonged to Facebook (TNW) Wow. Now boarding spaceship Facebook. Hope we don’t miss Earth and all its tangled messy wonderfulness.

Who Owns Your Personal History? (FC) I sure hope you do.


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