Friday Signal: Music to Google’s Ears

Tons of news this past cycle, led by the introduction of Google Music. You want my take? Every single Internet Horseman (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook) want to lock you into their cloud. Music is one big way to do so.  Let’s get to those Friday linkages:

Google Music is open for business (Google)  The official announcement.

Why Would Google Sell Music? 4 Big Reasons (Wired) Analysis of the news

The Rise of Digital Omnivores (Comscore) Also known as multiplatform consumers. This is gonna get worse before (or if) it gets better.

Trapit, the AI-powered aggregator and Siri sibling, now in public beta (hands-on) (Verge) I like this new service, but I’ve only played with it for a day.

Mimicking the brain, in silicon (MIT) Read it closely. Wow. “With the analog chip system, the simulation is even faster than the biological system itself.”

With Garlinghouse Out, Questions Over What Is Next For AOL (PC) Brad was big news when he went to AOL, and his exit, I am hearing, has to do with frustrations over the company’s lack of a tech focus.

Whisperings of the Future Surround Us (Searchblog) In which I discuss a company called Recorded Future.

Short Takes: Conde Nast Launches Private Exchange (DD) Expect to see a raft of these.

Facebook’s New Advertising Model: You (Forbes) Overview of Facebook’s recent moves in brand advertising.

Judge Declares Law Governing Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Unconstitutional (WSJ) Very good news, from my point of view.

Article: Case Study: AT&T Empowers Employees for B2B Social Engagement (EM) We all love us some case study.

Facebook: Website killer (iMedia) Do not let this happen to you.

Facebook Privacy: Site Confirms It Tracks You After You Leave (ABC) This *is* happening to you.

The State Of VivaKi Nerve Center: CEO Hecht On Audience On Demand, Programmatic Buying And Trends (AE) Always good to keep up with Curt’s thinking.


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