Friday Signal: Mobile March Madness

It’s a roundup Friday at Signal, as I am working on a longer piece on publishing practices for marketers in general. Hope to have something posted on that today. Meanwhile, an interesting 24 hours in the world of digital media and marketing.

February 2010 Mobile Metrics Report (adMob) All of us can learn from how AdMob has used its published statistics to establish itself as a leader in the mobile marketplace. Graphic from the study at left. Speaking of mobile…

Mobile App Forecast Up, Up, Up (eMarketer) Well, there’s news. But if you’re like me, you like stats.

Title Tweets – Follow your Team to the Finals (FM blog) Am I promoting executions that FM does in Signal? Damn right I am. This is one cool program.

Ground-Breaking Findings About the Branding Impact of Online Advertising (Comscore) Look, I don’t mind a headline that draws you in, but…come one. We all want this too much to overpromise! It’s a fine study, but limited to video and the UK market, for the most part.

Bing Adds Foursquare Data to Maps (Mashable) Good to see, now let’s see if Foursquare can scale to this kind of expectation.

China Hands Down New Rules on Media Coverage of Google (Mashable) Anyone else get the sense that China is going to lose this one?

Check Out The Amazing Video Of Location-Based Services Taking Over The World (SAI) Again with the overpromising headlines, but this is worth a view. Social data visualization is just cool.

Facebook Fan Pages Evolve Into CRM Channel for Big Brands (ClickZ) Just waiting for Facebook to provide direct APIs for brands to manage this. (There’s always the Salesforce deal...)

Social Media Consumers More Likely to Buy, Recommend (MarketingProfs) “Two-thirds (67%) of consumers who follow brands on Twitter are more likely to buy those brands after becoming a follower, and 51% of Facebook fans are more likely to buy after becoming a fan, according to a study from Chadwick Martin Bailey.”

Marketing Needs Real Innovation From Agencies (AdAge) Former Denny’s CMO has some good advice for all marketers.


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