Friday Signal: Google(+) Gets Its Zeitgeist On

Given I spent half the week engrossed in All Things Google (at its Zeitgeist conference), it’s not a surprise this Friday Signal has a lot of the Big G inside. But there’s more than my ramblings to consider. Facebook, Amazon, and others have roles to play as well. To the links:

Google = Google+ (Searchblog) My thoughts on Google’s brand, and Google+ as it relates to that brand.

With ‘frictionless sharing,’ Facebook and news orgs push boundaries of online privacy (Poynter) The debate continues.

Some lessons learned (Dixon) Chris’s summary of his talk at Zeitgeist. Good stuff.

Video: Google’s Schmidt, Page Answer ‘Really Hard Questions’ At Zeitgeist (PC) Overview of the final session of Google’s partner conference, where I played moderator for a spell.

For Brand Advertising, Data Still Trumps Creative (PC) Until all of sudden…it will support creative.

Amazon “Fire” Android Tablet Undermines Google (SEL) Well, sort of. Android is the base of its power, and that’s still good for Android.

Ads Across Platforms Get Inside People’s Heads (RWW) A Google study that shows cross platform wins.

Online Ad Revenues Hit $15 Billion in First Half 2011 (CZ) That’s good growth in this nutty economy.

Return of the Editor: Why Human Filters are the Future of the Web (Sparksheet) “Content beats social.” Amen, brother.

Article: Twitter Ad Revenues to Near $400 Million by 2013 (EM) But the researcher is disappointed by this year’s growth.

Bradley Horowitz says Google+ is now Google (TNW) Read the first piece to understand why.

FM’s program of the day is American Express Open’s Open Forum.

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