Friday Signal: Facebook to Google: “Open” This! Google To Facebook: Get A Content Strategy!

Today’s news had Facebook’s fingerprints all over it, from an overall questioning of its “one size fits all” model (which I am sure won’t stand, and Facebook will be first to change it), to the company’s extraordinary move to “open source” its approach to data centers, a move sure to please geeks the world over. Meanwhile, Google made news with its plan to be a real content player. To the links:

The Unlit Social Graph (TNW) A piece that spurred me to write this: Watch This Space: The Next Generation of “Social Networks” Won’t Look Like Facebook. (Sblog)

Open Compute Project (Perspectives) OK, first of all, just LOOK at this guy’s picture. Here’s a guy who has been thinking about data centers for so long, he forgot to change the haircut he borrowed from REO Speedwagon 25 years ago. But his piece is pure goodness. “…what made this trip really unusual is that I’m actually able to talk about what I saw.” And he’s NOT talking about acid! No, really, LOOK at the picture!

Facebook Open Sources its Servers and Data Centers (GigaOm) The analysis from the folks I look to for analysis of stuff like this. When I was writing my book back in 2004, Google wouldn’t let me near its data centers, they were super secret. What Facebook is doing is really interesting, just from a PR perspective. Well, wait. I also look to these guys: What Facebook’s Open Compute Project means (ORR) “This is a gigantic step for open source hardware, for the evolution of the web and cloud computing, and for infrastructure and operations in general.”

Twitter to Offer Marketers More Tools to Target, Track Followers (AdAge) While I am not sure I like the verb “track,” it’s about time tools like this starting rolling out.

US to use Facebook, Twitter to issue terror alerts (Yahoo News) This is one of those headlines historians will use to prove things changed in major ways during our lifetime.

Google to Revamp YouTube With ‘Channels’ (WSJ) The aforementioned content play by Google.

Lawyers: You’re Being Played By Twitter (An Associate’s Mind) Legal blog makes good. Nails it wrt to old school arcade games: “a high score leader board was designed, not to display who was best at playing the game, but to encourage players to keep putting quarters in the machine.” And…cue Zynga!

The iPad is Just Another TV Says Cablevision (TNW) You know, I have to say. I am not pleased with the model of media that says my use of content is restricted by device. I prefer to pay for the content, and take it where I damn please. Please?

CM Summit: (Initial) Lineup Announced! (FM) And this is just the start.

Smartphone’s Tracking Geodata May Be as Personal as Your DNA (FC) You thinking about the importance of data yet?!

Augmented Reality Comes Closer to Reality (NYT) “…life might end up imitating science fiction”…yep. That was the entire premise of Wired.

Bahrain Arrests Poet, China Arrests Artist: This Week in Online Tyranny (RWW) Lest we forget. Which it seems we are.


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