Friday Signal: Do My Ads Work Yet?

In today’s Signal, Facebook continues to have to prove it every day; News Corp. divides with the hope of conquering shareholders’ woes; yep, there’s still confusion on how to calculate ROI on Facebook; ad tech is still fighting for its life, thanks to venture capitalists tightening their wallets; Google wants you to be less of a slave to your mobile devices; and more.

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Ad Age Survey: Marketers Love Facebook, But Many Have No Idea If Their Ads Work (AdAge) The results of a recent Ad Age survey mirror what’s been heard lately in conversations with decision-makers in social marketing: there’s confusion on how to calculate ROI on Facebook and how to compare that to spending in other social and traditional media channels. Respondents also agree that doing business with Facebook isn’t always easy.

News Corp. Says Spinoff Plan Will ‘Simplify Operations’ (WSJ) In a move sure to appease frustrated stockholders, News Corp.’s board unanimously approved a plan to split the conglomerate in two — an entertainment business and a publishing business. Murdock says the result will enable each company to better deliver on commitments to consumers around the world, and that the split wouldn’t interfere with the company’s stock buyback program, which has increased by several billion dollars in the last year. .

The Golden Age of Advertising Technology (AdExchanger) Terence Kawaja, Founder and CEO at LUMA Partners, believes that the present state of the digital media industry offers a huge opportunity that leverages the application of data-driven technology to marketing. He outlines seven trends that bode well for the ad tech sector – one of them is consolidation.

Project Glass Is The Future Of Google (TechCrunch) Google, just one of many tech companies that helps to feed our addiction to the web, as well as a certain amount of anti-social behavior, hypes its Project Glass as an effort to keep people focused on the moment, not on their hand-held devices.

Facebook Now Lets You “Follow” Someone In Any App, Get Their Updates In News Feed Where The Ads Are (TechCrunch) On Wednesday, Facebook announced its “Open Graph built-in follow action.” The action delivers ad content by letting users follow someone in a mobile app, and then see the updates of those they follow — updates they’d normally see in that app — in their Facebook news feeds. This just might be peek into Facebook’s long-term game plan: to pull content from everywhere and mix it with ads to keep you reading.

There’s More To Google’s Artificial Brain Than Finding Cats On The Internet (FastCompany) Google has developed a very simplified digital simulation of a human visual cortex. Instead of teaching its “brain” programs, Google has exposed it to information from the Internet so that it learns organically, similar to how humans learn.

Google Makes the Nexus 7 Tablet Official: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a $199 Price (video) (Engadget) Google’s 7-inch tablet is the first and only device (so far) shipping with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. But what has consumers most excited is what they get for their money.

The Coming Native (and Creative) Ad Revolution (Digiday) Josh Sternberg talks to Rick Webb, a man who has worn many hats in his career, about his decision to sign on with Tumblr as a consultant for its sales and marketing team, and his thoughts on native advertising.


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  1. deep secret in the ad world … no one talks about how ads alienate as much or more than they attract … as example, you put an ad in my tweet stream, i will hate you forever .. or any ad out of context, or from a low level of consciousness

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