Friday Signal: August Upon Us

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In today’s Signal, shortened by August vacations: more to wonder about Twitter’s transformation; an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg; News Corp.’s The Daily slices a third of its staff; a possible evolution for private media exchanges; and should you care if 8.7% of Facebook accounts are fake?

To the links…

Is Twitter a Publisher or a Distributor? There’s a Crucial Difference (GIGAom) After recently suspending and then reinstating the account of British journalist Guy Adams, because he posted the email address of an NBC executive while criticizing the broadcast network and its Olympics coverage, some are wondering if Twitter’s transformation from distributor of real-time info to publisher will have legal ramifications.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg (Dalton Caldwell) Dalton Caldwell, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mixed Media Labs, recently met with Facebook execs to present and demonstrate a new iOS app and service he’s been building on the FB platform, but things didn’t work out as he’d hoped. In his words, the meeting “took an odd turn” when the execs told him his product is in competition with Facebook’s App Center product, and they would hate to have to compete with his service. So, he did what anyone else in his position might do, he vented, only he did so not on Facebook, but rather to Facebook, in an open letter to Zuck.

The Daily Lays Off a Third of Its Staff (AllThingsD) In a press release dated last Tuesday, New Corp. announced that The Daily, its national news publication built exclusively for tablets and touchscreen devices, will be making content and personnel changes “designed to streamline its production, focus resources on its most popular features, and reflect the changing business environment for news and media.” The question at hand is, of course, if readers can get their daily ration of news for free on the Internet, what will have to be done to get those readers to pay for news? Apparently, not so much.

What’s Next For Private Exchanges? (Digiday) Andy Monfried believes that private media exchanges need to evolve beyond simply selling remnant ad impressions. “By making its first-party data available in a private exchange, a publisher can do audience extension inside its own trusted, private partner inventory,” he posits.

8.7% Of Facebook Accounts Are Fake? Still, That Leaves 872m Bona Fide Users (TNW) As an individual, this news is nothing to sweat over. But as a business, well, your amount of concern probably depends on if, and what, you’re trying to leverage.


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