Friday Signal: April’s Foolishness, But Microsoft Ain’t Kidding

Ah, April Fools. Each year the tech blogs hope to fool us into believing some silly story, and often we do. However, yesterday Microsoft filed amn antitrust complaint against Google in the more sympathetic European theater. To the fraudulent links (and some that are real):

Can we skip the lame April Fool’s submissions? (HN) If you don’t read Hacker News, you’re probably not a developer. It’s not easy to stay on top of this source. But if you want a glimpse into the community mores of this place, read some of this thread. It’s developing, and it’s funny so far.

Google Inadvertently Classifies Google Places As A “Content Farm” And Removes From Search Index (TC) Mike’s latest Fools story was pretty funny.

Google April Fools’ Day 2011 (Google OS) A roundup of Google’s own hoaxes, which continue unabated for over ten years.

April Fools’ Day By the Numbers (Mashable) In case you’ve got little else to do.

Google making app that would identify people’s faces (CNN) And this is not surprising. Identity is the next big signal from the Internet, after Location, and it is the most complicated one. I’m going to be all over this this year. However, turns out Google isn’t really doing this. Yet. He Said/She Said Between Google & CNN On Face Recognition Story (SEL)

Microsoft Accusing Google of Antitrust Violations (NYT) The story. Adding our Voice to Concerns about Search in Europe (MSFT) Microsoft’s post on the topic.

Brands Using Content Curation to Build Thought Leadership (Marketing Profs) At FM, we do this for brands all day long. It works.

BMW to Launch NYC Tech Incubator With $100 Million Investment Fund (FC) I advised Sony to do exactly this earlier this week.

Access, Aggregation, and Other Big Data Challenges for Startups (RWW) The other thing I will be all about this year will be data.

Ad Dollars Still Not Following Online and Mobile Usage (eMarketer) Come on in guys, the water is fine…

“The Daily Show” Solves the Web Privacy Problem (ATD) Your Friday funny.

FM’s program of the day is Denny’s Baconalia, a Foodbuzz joint. No fooling!

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