Friday Signal: A New Page at Google

(image) Well, that was something of a surprise, but now that the world’s digested it, seems like no one is freaking out. Larry Page as a CEO will be very different, at least in terms of public face. Should be fun to see how it goes. To the links:

Whoa!!! Larry Page To Take Over As Google CEO (SearchBlog) My thoughts are at the end of the piece, and a short interview I did is below.

Google to Launch Groupon Competitor (Mashable) I am not sure this has any chance, given the DNA. It requires voice, which Groupon has in spades, and Google…not so much.

A Big Quarter From Google, and Shake-Up at the Top–Larry Page to Become CEO (ATD) Always nice to announce stuff like this on the heels of another great earnings report.

CHART OF THE DAY: Google’s Stock Under Eric Schmidt (SAI) Up and to the right, save the recession…

AOL’s Editions: A New Digital Magazine That Aims to Be “Like Pandora for Content” (FC) If you can’t buy ‘em, copy em.

The Six Pillars of Influence (Armano) Summary of David’s latest HRB contribution, on the all important topic of influence.

Jane McGonigal Thinks Reality is Broken, and She Wants to Fix It (Wired) Review of Jane’s book “Reality Is Broken”.

Eric Schmidt: All of Google’s Strategic Initiatives in 2011 are Mobile (RWW) Well, I hope that means they are also local, social, and real time!

To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test (NYT) Put another way, go do something, learn from it, then do it again!

FM’s campaign of the day is Signal LA. Lineup is complete, tickets are nearly sold out….

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