FM Among comScore’s Top 50 Web Properties

Back in May at the CM Summit in New York, comScore’s Gian Fulgoni announced Media Metrix 360, a major initiative to revamp their audience measurement methodologies.
The new methodology combines panel data with website server data and provides a more consistent picture of the Web universe. FM was one of the earliest media companies to jump on board and we’re happy to report that due to Meda Metrix 360′s more consistent, accurate approach to Web measurement, we’re now counted among the top 50 properties on the Web. Number 42 to be exact.
That’s fantastic and we’re glad to see that FM’s independent authors are being represented more accurately by the Web’s leading audience measurement firm.
But remember that when it comes to media and marketing, reach is only one piece of the equation. As we like to say: “Reach is important, but engagement is key.”
FM’s sites not only have reach (as witnessed by the new comScore numbers), but we also have a level of engagement that is simply superior (as witnessed by the uber-active communities attached to each of our sites).
FM has the quality and safety of a major media brand, the reach of a network PLUS an intense level of engagement that is unique to FM sites. That is a winning combination for marketers.