Tiny Urban Kitchen Wins Project Food Blog, $10K

New FM community Foodbuzz has announced Jennifer Che, creator of the Boston-based blog Tiny Urban Kitchen, as the winner of its first Project Food Blog competition. The survive and advance-style contest saw 700 food bloggers through 10 weeks of challenges … Continue reading

FM Announces Foodbuzz Acquisition

We’re excited to share news of FM’s acquisition of Foodbuzz, a leading online food community that is the fastest growing in its space. The combination will make it easier for brands to surround one of the web’s most popular topics. … Continue reading

Signal Series Coming Soon to a City Near You

With the completion of the Web 2.0 Summit today (and the headlines it brought), we’re excited to share plans for a three-city series of online marketing events. Day-long sessions as part of the Signal Series executive produced by John Battelle … Continue reading