Bond Doesn’t Shake His Heine: Weds Signal

Skyfall raises the marketing blitz bar.

In today’s Signal: Magazine or digital startup — which is the riskier proposition?; the great divide impacting digital advertising; Skyfall, the new Bond film, raises the bar for pre-release marketing and onscreen product placement; Zynga plays with a new ad platform; GE’s Linda Boff on the company’s passion, voice and obsession with content; and more.

To the links …

Magazines vs Digital Startups (Reuters) Simon Dumenco, Advertising Age’s “Media Guy,” posed this question in a recent article: Would you rather own a magazine or a digital startup? Reuters’ Felix Salmon has an answer. “Owning a magazine is a risky proposition,” Salmon writes. “It might not be as risky as owning a single digital startup, but by the same token owning a stable of magazines could well be riskier than owning a portfolio of startups.”

The Internet Split (Monday Note) Web sites will soon fall into two categories, posits Frédéric Filloux, high-audience low yield and low-audience higher yield. And the divide will impact digital advertising. “Ad agencies and their clients will always seek to blur the distinction between editorial and commercial contents … But this obvious violation of the separation between Church and State is bound to percolate into more pernicious “brand content” for more serious subjects than food or clothing. That’s where the credibility issue will set in.”

The Skyfall’s the Limit on James Bond Marketing (The Guardian) The marketing push for Skyfall has been long, has stretched far beyond the standard bus-side billboards and trailers, and it won’t end once you’re in the theater. From 007′s Tom Ford-tailored suits to Q’s Sony Vaio hardware, the new film raises the bar for onscreen product placement.

Zynga’s Next Gamble: An Ad Platform (ATD) Zynga, a company that has struggled to develop a new hit game recently, is building its own advertising platform which it plans to make available to third-party developers that work with the gaming company. The platform could enable the company to expand beyond brand integrations and sponsorships into more lightweight experiences, including banner ads, interstitials, video pre-rolls and incentivized downloads.

The GE Approach to Content (Digiday) Linda Boff, executive director of global digital marketing at General Electric, believes carefully told stories can help people relate to the brand. “We obsess about content. We think of it as a way to tell the great stories of GE,” she told Digiday. “We completely lean into who we are. … We are fascinated by technology, innovation, discovery and invention. … We have a curious, passionate and optimistic voice. … Being innovative is part of our DNA, so if we were not on all the social platforms, then shame on us.”

Is Native Advertising Really New? (Digiday) Gustav Von Sydow, CEO and founder of Burt, a Stockholm-based business intelligence platform, examines the successes and challenges ad sellers have in implementing new formats that are more native to the user experience.

A Bandwidth Breakthrough (Technology Review) By using algebra to eliminate the network-clogging task of resending dropped packets of data, academic researchers have improved wireless bandwidth by an order of magnitude. The technology transforms the way packets of data are sent, seamlessly weaving data streams from Wi-Fi and LTE — a leap forward from other approaches that toggle back and forth.


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